10 Best Digital Picture Frames Buying Guide 2018 – Reviews and Online Tips

Best Digital Photo Frames

Digital photo frames is a really great idea for people who might be tired of looking at the same way pictures are lined up on their mantels. The reason why is because when you purchase a digital frame photo you can get the pictures within the frame to automatically change. On many photo frames you just need to insert the memory card that is in the camera and then pick out the pictures you want to display but you will find many other solutions available.

We spent lots of hours to write this digital photo frames review and you will get complete shopping and buying guide for the best digital picture frames in 2018.

A lot of digital frames have memory that is built in. This helps you with storing the photos that’s in the frame. There are other frames which allow you to select music and digital video clips to the frame. When you are searching for a digital photo frame you will find many selections available and all of them have a variety of options that you can pick from. Take a look at some of the best selling digital photo frames right now to have an idea whats popular today with online tips and digital photo album buying guide.

Best-Selling Digital Photo Frame and Album

When you buy your digital photo frame in 2018 you will love being able to show it off to your family and friends. Another thing is that these frames also make great gifts. There’s a variety of sizes like 8 inch, 10 inch, different resolutions and styles available so shopping online for them is really the best thing to do because then you get to review all of the options that is available to you.

Digital Photo Frames ModelRatingPrice
Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi Digital Frame
4.5 Check Price
Sungale 7 Inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame
2.7 Check Price
Micca M707z Digital Photo Frame
4.2 Check Price
Micca Neo-Series 7-Inch
3.9 Check Price
Sony DPF-D8103.8 Check Price
Aluratek Digital Photo Frame4.6 Check Price
Smartparts Digital Picture Frame SP24P4.0 Check Price
ViewSonic Photo Frame VFM620W-703.8 Check Price
Kodak Easyshare P854.3 Check Price
Westinghouse 8-Inch LCD Photo Frame 3.8 Check Price

Buying Digital Photo Frames Online Tips

There are many websites online that allows you to buy these photo frames cheaply but the best place to look into buying them is on Amazon. The reason why is you get to usually see the specs of the frame and figure out features comes with the frame. You can also read reviews and see what other people might think of the frame which is sometimes a good thing to do before you buy it.

1. Micca M707z Digital Photo Frame – High Quality Photo Frame Review

Micca M707z Digital Photo Frame Micca M707z makes it possible for you to display images in very high quality with extreme attention to detail. The digital photo frame can display images at an native resolution of 800 x 480 on a 7 inch LED backlit panel. Other features include an easy to use interface and a very helpful remote control for easy operation of the device. Sitting at $49.99, the M707z is one of the most affordable and feature rich digital photo frame you will find.

2. Micca Neo-Series 7-Inch – Widescreen Digital Photo Frame with Ultra Slim Design

Micca Neo-Series 7-Inch Widescreen Digital Photo FrameThe Micca Neo-Series 7-Inch Widescreen Digital Photo Frame is a wonderful solution for someone that is looking for a widescreen digital photo frame with ultra slim design. The screen is vibrant and the pictures look very clear on this frame. Another great thing is that it is very affordable and it will only cost you approximately $49. You will also be impressed as to the features that the Micca Neo-Series 7-Inch Widescreen Digital Frame has to offer.

3. Sony DPF-D810– SVGA LCD Digital Photo Frame

Sony DPF-D810 - SVGA LCD Digital Photo FrameThe Sony DPF-D810 SVGA LCD Digital Photo Frame comes in four different sizes being 10.2 inches,  9 inches, 8 inches and 7 inches. The price varies between the size and could cost you anywhere from $64-$200 and above depending on what size you end up getting. Regardless of the size you get, all of them have almost the same features but the one thing that does vary between them Is the resolution and again, that greatly depends on what size you have.

4. Aluratek Digital Photo Frame 12-Inch ADMPF512F – Affordable Digital Photo frame

Aluratek 12-Inch ADMPF512The Aluratek Digital Photo Frame 12-Inch ADMPF512F  is a digital photo frame that is affordable, easy to use and the quality of the pictures always turns out great. The price of this digital photo frame is only around $90 online. You can view pictures that have hi-resolution plus enjoy listening to music and you will also like several other things about this affordable digital photo frame.

5. Smartparts Digital Picture Frame SP24P – Cheap Digital Picture Frame

Smartparts SP35P 3.5-Inch Digital Picture FrameThe Smartparts Digital Picture Frame SP24P is good for those that might be on a very tight budget. You will find that this is one of the most affordable digital frames out there and you can get it for approx $30 online. There are a couple of negatives about this frame but at the same time there are several positives plus some features that you will enjoy.

6. ViewSonic Photo Frame VFM620W-70 – High Resolution Display Screen

ViewSonic VFM620W Photo FrameThe ViewSonic Photo Frame VFM620W-70 produces fantastic images and has a high resolution display screen at 480 x 800. It comes with exciting features such as an optional calendar wall clock plus a few other ones that you should know.

You can put it anywhere in the home and people will enjoy looking at it and it will capture their attention fast. Considering the cost of the frame, you will thoroughly enjoy it and more so, all of the features that comes with the frame. You can even put this frame in your office or place of work and all of the people that come in your office will glance at the beauty of this frame.

7. Kodak Easyshare P85 8-inch Digital Frame – Color Science Technology

Kodak Easyshare P85 8-inch Digital FrameThe Kodak Easyshare P85 8-inch Digital Frame helps pictures come to life. All of the images will be vivid and bright. The reason why is because Kodak using a special color science technology to help ensure that you will get the best pictures available for your digital frame.

There are many features that you will enjoy that comes with the Kodak Easyshare P85 8-inch Digital Frame.  The frame on the Kodak Easyshare P85 Digital Photo Frame is extremely nice.

8. Westinghouse 8-Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame – High Quality Bright Resolution Display

Westinghouse 8-Inch LCD Digital Photo FrameIf you are looking for a frame that has a high quality bright resolution display then the Westinghouse 8-Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame is perfect for you. The Westinghouse 8-Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame is a great frame that allows you to show off your pictures with a nice 8 inch display that’s LCD. You can show off both of your pictures and videos with this frame. There are other additional features included that you will enjoy with there great features.

The frame has 128 MB of internal memory that is built in and you can easily expand that memory. You can use a card reader or you can connect to the frame by CF, SD, MD, MMC or even by the xD memory cards. The pixel resolution is 800 X 600 and the aspect ratio is at 4:3 and it also supports AVI Motion JPEG, JPEG images, MPEG 1 and it even supports MPEG 4 files.

What to look out for when buying a Digital Photo Frame

Digital Picture Frame Buying Guide


Always check out the image quality. It might be tempting to get a digital photo that might not cost very much but then the image quality might not come out looking great. You should only buy a model that has a resolution of at least 640 by 480 and even higher if possible. If you buy one that might not have a resolution this high then the images become pixilated and boxy which makes the pictures look bad. Here are a couple of digital frames that have decent resolution to them:

The NIX 8 in Hu-Motion Frame: If you need to get a cheap digital frame then this one is just around $65 but the resolution is better than some of the other ones around this price. The resolution is at 800 x 600 so the images look decent on this frame. They might not look the best as some of the higher end photo frames but they look good considering the price.

The Sony 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame: This is a great frame and the resolution just makes it at 800 x 480 but keep in mind that this is for a 7 inch frame, so the resolution is perfect for it. Another great thing about this digital photo frame by Sony is that not only does it have a good resolution size with it but it also comes with 80 MB of internal memory. However, it does cost around $189 online.

Screen Size

After you think about the resolution you will need to take into consideration what type of screen size you want to have and the aspect ratio of the digital frame. You will find a variety of digital photo frames that range from 7 up to 15 inches. You will even find some frames under 7 inches. Just keep in mind that if you want a bigger display then that means you generally have to pay more for it. Just remember that images are not the only thing that you should take into consideration. You want people to notice and see your pictures clearly but there are other things to consider.

When you are browsing thru the frames you will notice that there are some frames which might not have a bezel with it and the design is clean. There are other frames that might have a look which is more traditional and you can also find others that comes with a wooden frame.

Frames That Comes With Software

If you are trying to look for a frame that comes with software and has a design that is slick then the Sony DPF-D70 is recommended. The display on this frame is 15:9 and it almost feels as if you are looking at a small TV. The price for this one is around $140 online and that’s not a bad price considering all of the things that comes with the frame.

Internet Connection

Sometimes it can come in handy being able to email a photo or enjoy other web enabled features. There are frames available that allow you to connect it to the internet. If you are trying to find a frame that allows these types of features and happens to be easy to use then the Toshiba DMF82XKU 8 in Digital Media Frame is recommended. It is around $179 online. This frame allows you to do other things such as uploading your images online to Facebook, Picasa and other websites.

Another highly recommended Wi-Fi digital photo frame that also does all of these things is the Kodak Pulse Digital Photo Frame. You just have to connect to the Kodak website and you will get control over your frame and it’s around $129 online, which makes it cheaper than the Toshiba but with the Toshiba frame, you don’t have to connect to a website.

You can also find digital photo frames that allow you to connect the photo frame to the internet but doesn’t come with Wi-Fi. One example of this type of frame includes the Pandigital 8 Inch Photo Mail Digital Photo Frame. This frame connects to the AT&T cellular network. It will work whenever there is a nearby AT&T signal so if your cell phone plan is with AT&T then this shouldn’t be a problem but if its not then many people have AT&T and if you live in a city where there are a lot of people then it should still find the signal.