Top 10 Best Rated Memory Foam Mattress 2020: Reviews and Comparison

Best Rated Memory Foam MattressThinking about buying the Best Memory Foam Mattress? If so, you’ve come to the right place where you will find the detailed report on memory foam mattress reviews. With so many options on the market these days, choosing the perfect product can seem like an overwhelming task. However, if you’ve already narrowed your choices down to the memory foam category, you’re already several steps ahead of the average consumer.

The mattresses are fitted with memory foam that softens when it comes into contact with heat and goes back to the original shape once it cools. The application of this discovery in the consumer and medical fields resulted in the invention of memory foam mattresses in the 1990s.

This was a breakthrough for an industry that had experienced little advancement in a century. The use of memory foam in mattresses caused many manufacturers to adopt the technology due to the numerous benefits it provided to the users. The best memory foam mattress allows users to have more relaxed sleep, comfort, provided back support and relieving pressure throughout the body.

List of Best Rated Memory Foam Mattress 2020

Many best budget memory foam mattress have been produced since that time each offer unique benefits (breathability, comfort, and pressure relief). The best foam mattress should have a full memory foam feature though hybrids also provide similar benefits like its counterpart.

The next discussion looks at the best-rated memory foam mattress based on verified memory foam mattress reviews. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the best budget memory foam mattress on the current market, including the overall customer response to each one. This should help you determine which mattress will best suit your individual needs.

Memory Foam Mattress Model & CompaniesRatingPrice
Lucid Memory Foam Mattress
4.2 Check Price
Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress
4.2 Check Price
Serta Luxury 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress
3.6 Check Price
IKEA Memory Foam Mattress
3.9 Check Price
The Loom & Leaf for Back Pain
4.5 Check Price
Nectar Mattress - Medium Firm Mattress
4.1 Check Price
Layla Lightweight Mattress
4.5 Check Price
Alexander Signature
4.1 Check Price
Wright Mattress with Multi-layer Construction3.8 Check Price
Amerisleep Mattress3.0 Check Price

1. Lucid Memory Foam Mattress

LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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This is a hybrid mattress, featuring both insulated steel coils and a memory foam layer for the ideal blend of stability and comfort. There’s also a hypoallergenic breathable latex topper, which gives the mattress that all-important “spring” factor. Available in the following sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Testers have showered the Lucid mattress with overwhelming praise, claiming that it helps to alleviate back and lower leg pain after just a short period of use. It’s soft enough for side sleepers, but back and stomach sleepers claim that it gives enough support for their comfort as well. It’s likely best for “combination” sleepers–that is, those who shift position frequently throughout the night–but can be recommended for just about anyone who thinks they would appreciate the combination of springs, memory foam, and latex.

2. Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

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This mattress is comprised of four distinct foam layers: 3 inches of memory foam are supported by 2 inches of “comfort” foam, followed by 3.5 inches of Airflow high-density foam atop a 3.5-inch base layer of support foam. The green tea extract is a unique component, added to help maintain the product’s freshness and prevent off-gassing. Available in the following sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King. Note that the product arrives in a compressed state; at least 72 hours of decompression time is required, and certain environmental conditions could lead to the mattress taking as long as a week to fully expand.

This mattress gets solid reviews from testers, with some claiming that it’s so comfortable, they’ve slept through their morning alarms. Being a straight-up foam mattress rather than a hybrid, it’s softer than some other options, making it a good choice for side sleepers. As this added “sink” factor could make bed-sharing potentially problematic, this is likely the best bet if you’re in the market for a twin memory foam mattress.

3. Serta Luxury 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam MattressSerta Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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The addition of gel support beads and 2.5 inches of ActivAir foam set this offering apart. There’s also a 7-inch high-density support layer, giving the mattress a medium-firm springiness. A 20-year warranty is included in every purchase. As of this writing, this product was only available in a Queen size.

Customer response to the Serta is generally positive, with the detractors complaining mainly that it doesn’t hold up well after several years’ use. (The warranty should help to alleviate this complaint somewhat.) Overall, it’s reported to provide both comfort and support, and the gel layer makes it sleep much cooler than some of its competitors. If you’re a hot sleeper, then this is a solid option.

4. IKEA Memory Foam Mattress

IKEA Memory Foam Mattress

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This is another hybrid offering, with a layer of memory foam atop a more supportive traditional base. It’s firmer than some of the other options on our list, making it perfect for stomach sleepers. If you’re worried about how to clean a memory foam mattress, fear not–the IKEA features a removable, machine-washable layer. Available in the following sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King.

The IKEA foam mattress receives mixed reviews. Those who recommend it have praised the affordability and ease of care, not to mention the 25-year warranty. But others complain that it’s too thin for comfort, which means more money spent on extra cushioning.

5. The Loom & Leaf

The Loom & Leaf for Back PainBuy Now on Amazon

It is the best memory foam mattress for people who have back pain and side and back sleepers of all kinds of weight. The Loom & Leaf has four layers that stack up to a 12-inch mattress compared to regular industry standard mattresses that are only 10 inches. This additional thickness provides excellent compression support and enhances durability.

Its cover is made of flame-retardant thistle and soft organic cotton to create a cooling sensation on the skin. Two inches of gel foam form the first layer of the mattress. The gel is produced using a unique swirl technology that enables it to spread throughout the layer. Based on the Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews, the second layer is made of high-density memory foam that responds to pressure slowly and is designed to outline the silhouette of the body thus, relieving pressure to a sleeper.

The third layer is made of a polyfoam that has the ability to bear the weight of the other layers and support the sleeper. The last layer is also known as the base or foundation layer and has up to five inches of high-density polyfoam.

6. Nectar Mattress – Best-Rated Memory Foam Mattress

Unbiased Nectar Mattress Review

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It is the best-rated memory foam mattress for its affordability, functionality, and comfort. Nectar mattress is ideal for those who sleep on their backs or stomach and people who experience back pain. It is a medium-firm mattress rated at six on a firmness scale of 1-10. Also, it has multiple layers of memory foam that includes an inch quilted into the cover to form a real foam feel for the sleeper.

The cover is pretty soft as it is made of a blend of cotton and Tencel, an eco-friendly material known for its breathability. A one-inch layer of memory foam gel is also quilted to the cover, causing the Nector Mattress to be the best foam mattress for relieving pressure while preventing users from sleeping too hot.

The middle layers are made of memory foam and act as transition layers from the soft upper layers to the base, which has dense polyfoam. It weighs 89 pounds, which is incredibly light based on an online mattress comparison for memory mattresses.

7. Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

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The mattress has a foldable design, making it the best online mattress based on an online mattress comparison. One side of the mattress is extremely firm as it is rated at 7 and a medium soft-side rated at 4. The soft side contours the body and enables the user to sink into the mattress slightly without creating discomfort while the firm side provides great pressure relief.

The soft side is made of convoluted polyfoam that provides additional cushioning, but the firm side is made of high-density polyfoam. Both sides have a copper-infused memory foam comfort layer that enhances this item’s cooling feature and the blood circulation of the user. Layla’s motion isolation feature also makes it the best foam mattress. Its lightweight nature makes it a favorite choice for sleepers looking for the best memory foam mattress.

8. Alexander Signature by Nest Bedding

Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress

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Its foldable design with its two firmness position; the luxury firm side (7.5) and the medium side (5.5) makes it the best online mattress. The Alexander has four layers of foam that comprise two transition layers at the center to enhance comfort and durability, so the mattress does not compress over time.

The comfort layer is made of four inches of gel memory foam to regulate pressure as ordinary memory foam tends to trap lots of body heat. The Visco foam layer is made up of another inch of memory foam that allows users to sink slightly into the mattress. The base is a four-inch layer made of high-density polyfoam that supports the other layers while providing shape to the mattress.

9. Wright Mattress

Wright Mattress Review

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It is the best memory foam mattress for the luxury customer. According to, Wright mattress has a multi-layer construction that is breathable and starts out soft transitioning to firm foams below. Other memory foam mattress reviews classified it as a soft mattress due to the comfort layer that provides multiple sleeping positions.

It has three layers- the top layer, the middle, and the base. The top layer is made of a four-pound gel-infused memory foam that measures 1.5 inches and is soft, relieves pressure, and has good breathability. The middle part comprises the second (2 inches) and the third layer (1.5 inches) designed to respond to pressure fast. In addition, the base has a dense six-inch layer of poly foam to enhance support.

10. Amerisleep Mattress

Amerisleep Memory Foam Mattress

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According to, it offers greater cooling features compared to other such products from online mattress companies. The Amerisleep memory form mattress has five firmness levels that have a cooling Bio-Pur and Celliant feature.

It has a unique design that facilitates the flow of air through the mattress and keeps the heat ways from the cover. Amerisleep is also the best online mattress that relieves pressure without trapping heat like other memory foam models.

What is Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are also called visco-elastic polyfoam mattresses. They were introduced in the 1960s by NASA in a bid to create a cushion for astronauts from the powerful gravitational pull when taking off and returning to the earth’s atmosphere.

As the name suggests, memory foam works by fitting itself to your body’s natural contours as you sleep. This helps to promote better weight distribution, taking the pressure off problem areas, such as the hips and lower back. When the weight is removed, the mattress returns to its original shape, so there are none of the awkward indentations that can sometimes occur from the use of alternative padding like feather beds. This results in maximum comfort with minimal effort. 

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about today’s top memory foam mattress offerings, you’re ready to begin your journey toward a more restful night’s sleep. Sweet dreams!

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