10 Best Wireless Headphones and Earphones : Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever wondered, what are the top wireless headphones in 2018? Have you ever heard about the best earphones available for sale? I hope this page will give you the valuable information on picking out your new pair of Best wireless headphones and earphones in 2018. Here are we provide complete product reviews you might want to know of different brands of headphones and earphones.

Let’s first talk about what exactly are wireless headphones. In a nutshell, they are headphones that free you up from your listening device such as an MP3 player, computer, or television through use of an infrared or radio signal receiving a device. So you can walk around the house, exercise, do whatever you want without getting tangled up in cords.

Best Wireless Headphones and Earphones

Wireless headphones work by connecting a base station into your listening device audio input. This base station then puts out signals that will be picked up by your headphones. Each base station comes with a number of audio channels for the headset to use so there will not be interference from other devices.

1. Bose QuietComfort 35World Class Wireless Headphone

Bose is synonymous with the state of the art noise-cancelling headphone. The QuietComfort 35 are no different in this regard. The distinction lies in the way that these are Bose’s first dynamic noise-cancelling headphones adjacent with the QuietControl 30 that stars remote abilities. Since more smartphones are getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack, it appears an opportune move.

Being launched from the leash makes the QuietComfort 35 more adaptable than any time in recent memory. With a refined framework, sharp and adjusted sound and amazing battery life, these are one of the best over-ear noise-cancelling headphones you can purchase and an extraordinary follow-up to the wired QuietComfort 25.


  • Effective noise cancelling
  • Amazing mic for calls Light and comfortable
  • Has Bluetooth2.5mm jack for a wired link
  • Long battery life: 20-hours
  • Available in Black and Grey Colors
  • Hard carry case with an aeroplane adapter
  • A manufacturer is one of the top brand – Bose.


  • No aptXNo option to turn off ANC

2. Sony MDR-1000XHi-Fi Quality Bluetooth Headphone

Sony has dependably been among the pioneers concerning audio gadgets. As of late, the brand propelled its noise-canceling high-end headphones the MDR-1000X. The headphones ones are valued at 474 dollars. In addition, as the cost implies; it is stacked with top-grade innovation and top of line elements.

Bose was the final word when it comes to noise cancellation. It was the undisputed leader in the market with its awesome noise canceling technology and rich audio output. However, this time, Sony has played the pro against the Bose QuietComfort 35 with this item. Their additional components are absolutely beneficial, and its wireless execution is impeccable. Fitted with faux leather ear cushions it grants you comfort for long music listening sessions. It is a superb alternative to the city lifestyle.


  • An effective audio performance with rich lows and solid lucidity in the highs
  • Can be used passively with included audio cord
  • Noise cancellation is free of remote utility
  • Practical, convenient form


  • High Priced
  • Noise Cancellation is sufficient, but not excellent
  • Incorporated audio cable require inline remote

3. Audio-Technica DSR9BT – Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

It is quite obvious why these headphones are priced so highly. The quality, the appearance, and the construct quality all join to make an amazing combination. Gracious and they are available for around $200 dollars as well.

ATH-DSR9BT remote circumaural headphones utilize the new genuine advanced digital operation (Pure Digital Drive), which permits them to work without the sound converter on which normal wireless headphones depend, keeping the resulting debasement of the sound. Rather, the ATH-DSR9BT utilizes the Dnote chipset from Trigence Semiconductor to get the advanced sound range from a Bluetooth remote transmission, handle it and exchange it to the component, where the computerized chip-set beats move the voice bovine and the diaphragm towards forwarding and in reverse to make the sound waves that the buyer listens.


  • Beautiful Design
  • Superb build quality
  • Incredible Sound
  • Long cords provided


  • The cord is exclusive Soundstage is inadequate

4. V-Moda Crossfade WirelessPerfectly Balanced Air Flow Mechanics

Val Kolton, attempting to blend design and audiophile standard headphones, established V-Moda in 2002. Here we are evaluating the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless headphones.

V-Moda presented a few different models throughout the years and got an incredible response inside the main very wary audiophile world. Be that as it may, amazingly tough quality with an unbelievable attention to detail, in addition to incredible sound quality made his brand popular.

V-Moda has now sold more than 4 Million headphones and is developing still.


  • Solid Metal (Steel-Frame) production made to Last
  • Great Bluetooth Feature & Performance
  • Bluetooth & Cabled Sound is Almost Identical
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Professional & Refined Sound Quality with Great Sound Isolation
  • Adaptable with replaceable metal faceplates to change style/color


  • Can’t Fold or Spin
  • Slight distress with cushions, somewhat shallow yet XL cushions can settle this Looks, treble a tad too rolled off in wireless mode
  • Doesn’t support the aptX codec
  • Some might be put off by the generous bass response

5. Sennheiser 2.0 MomentumOn-Ear design featuring Bluetooth technology

The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 is the second endeavor at the full measure, style-driven earphones from Sennheiser. The rudiments have not changed excessively – sound quality, the look and the majority of the essential elements are practically the same. In the event that you have and adore the Sennheiser Momentum combine, there is no motivation to update.

Still, the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 do approach the most widely recognized feedback of the originals, as well as making them more portable.


  • Top-notch Comfort
  • High-quality, fun sound
  • Good looks
  • Dynamic driver
  • Removable cord3-button remote
  • Manufacturer: Sennheiser


  • Less subtle looks than original
  • Sound more joy than outright perfect

6. Jaybird X3 – Sports Bluetooth Headphones

The Jaybird X3 wireless is a wonderfully made sweat resistance sports earphone and is probably the greatest earphones the company has invented.

What’s special about the Jaybird X3? To begin with, it is quite smaller than the X2. And it’s inline remote has been tweaked, then the battery upgraded from nickel metal hydride(NiMH) to lithium-ion to grant it’s used up to nine hours battery life playing your favorite songs at moderate volume. It’s kind of similar to the X2 battery, but lithium ion is much more reliable and trustworthy than NiMH and can be rapidly charged

Added to that, Jaybird, which is now owned by Logitech, claims it has done some changes in the 6mm drivers located in the buds. I have surveyed, so I am sure when I say that it has the best sounds in the wireless sports earphones world right now. These beautiful and rugged earbuds cost about 130 dollars, which is 50 dollars less than the previous price of the X2.


  • The Jaybird X3 wireless sports buds are smaller than the X2.
  • Its battery life is far better than the X2s’.
  • Its sound is too good for an in-ear Bluetooth earbud.
  • It is water resistant
  • It comes with a cute protective pouch.
  • The price is attractive.


  • If you eventually lose the charging accessory, you will have absolutely no way to charge your buds.
  • It’s not very comfortable
  • The noise proofing design creates Safety Hazard for joggers and runners.

I think the Jaybird X3 Bluetooth headphone is a wonderfully upgraded X2 and is undoubtedly among the top best sports Bluetooth earbuds available.

7. Apple AirPods – Best Wireless Bluetooth Headset for iPhones

Apple is here with another great yet offbeat pair of headphones, the Apple Airpods are a pair of earrings looking headphones (I said earrings looking because they look like earrings, cause they are tiny and are fully wireless) which consist of the W1 chip the allows the buds to pair with your Apple device effortlessly, this new product is targeted at I phone users and will appear as an excellent gift for your music-loving loved ones.

Below I am going to show you the pros and cons of this buds as well as what I think; I am positive that it will help you decide to get yours or not.


  • The new light weight Apple AirPods are a pair of fully wireless earphones that grants a reliable wireless connection, effectively pairing with Apple devices via the W1 chip that is found in the new earphones.
  • It has good call quality and decent sonics.
  • It comes with a charging case that quickly charges the headphones.
  • It’s perfect for quiet environments
  • It’s wireless and extremely light, making it sit comfortably in your ear and not falling out because of wire.
  • They work with other phones not just your I phones(but you won’t be able to access special features)


  • Their porous and open design lets a lot of environs noise to disturb your musical pleasures.
  • It’s quite expensive
  • There are no controls on the cute buds, but there’s Siri.
  • You can easily lose it if not careful
  • They kind of look dorky
  • Similarly priced wireless buds models deliver to their listeners greater sound.

I think if you keep aside their cranky design, you will discover that the Apple AirPods great convenience feature and it’s compact size is a superb combination, I have found another reason to spend my hard earned money…

8. Bowers & Wilkins – P5 Headphones

The Bowers and Wilkins P5 Wi-fi joins luxurious materials with brilliant audio and superb Bluetooth connection for an original musical experience.

It offers the best loading Bluetooth technology I’ve experienced, regarding unrivaled cordless auditory or acoustic performance, the Bowers and Wilkins P5 will be the only headphone you have ever used.

I just observed that this is the perfect gift idea for mom, daddy, my kid brothers, sisters, friends and other loved ones, everyone in my life loves music, just like a fat kid loves cake.

Haven known this you can benefit from the convenience and liberty of The Bowers and Wilkins wireless earphones if you get the Bowers and Wilkins P5 at the earliest opportunity.

Well, I just found something to spend my hard earned money on. Lol… Here’s to an awesomely amazing Earphone.

I have written below the goods and bads of The Bowers and Wilkins headphones, simply because  I need you to know more about the Bowers and Wilkins P5 wireless headphones.


  • High-grade leather and Steel body construction
  • Removable cable
  • Pleasant tone
  • Sleek design
  • Perfect gift idea for lovers of music.
  • Real leather, aluminum, and Steel construction
  • 40mm drivers
  • Detachable 2.5mm cable


  • Somewhat tight headband
  • Too much base
  • Rather expensive.

I think the pros beat the Cons, and I know these beautiful and efficient headphones are worth having. Cheers

9. B&O Play BeoPlay H7 – Wireless Headphones

The Beoplay H7 wireless headphones grants you the opportunity and freedom to experience Bang and Olufsen’s’ undoubted and uncompromising signature sound (which is perfect for music lovers) wherever and whenever you feel like. All you have to do is pair them with your Bluetooth supported device to join you on a unique music experience – whether you’re talking on the phone or listening to music.

Feel the unlimited control; the Beo Play H7 accompanies an advanced touch interface, just swipe or touch the right ear cup of headsets to change tracks, manage calls or adjust the volume of the track you are listening to. The great touch of this products even works with hand gloves, so winter would not get in the way of your music pleasure.

The Unique headphone helps you to customize your listening journey via your Apple Watch, I phone or any other smartphone to make sure you can feel and enjoy music the way your favorite artist intended. The tweaked rechargeable battery technology of The Beoplay H7 wireless headphones brings up to 20 hours of wireless fun time if charged to the fullest that is. It shuts down if idle for 15 minutes in order to preserve the battery life. In the case you use up your battery life, all you have to do is plug it into your device and keep enjoying your music.

Jakob Wagner designed the Beoplay H7 Wireless Headphones, it came sturdy and light weighted with soft lambskin leather materials, and anodized aluminum, these chic headphones offer a luxuriously comfortable fit you will enjoy all night or day long. They come in beautiful colors like black, white, pink and gray. So what are you waiting for? Get yours while it is hot.

10. Beats x – Ear Friendly Pair of Wireless Headphones

Beats is back with another sweet, mind-blowing creation, of course, that’s what the company is well known for. The company’s latest headphones aren’t a super water or sweat resistance neither are they an over ears sports plugs. Instead, they are a small, cute and friendly pair of buds created to be used for lengthy periods.

The ear-friendly pair of wireless headphones are designed to be worn in any occasion or scenery whether you work in the office, or you wanna wear it on the street, Haven understood that The Beat X is the headphone for you. I have another reason to spend my hard earned cash, Beat X goes for 130$ and it is worth every penny it costs.

The Beat X is mainly targeted at I phone users based on the W1 chip that was placed inside; this chip lets the Beat X headphones to pair seamlessly and immediately with the I Phone 7. This implies you could use The Beat X close to your I Phone 7, touch the power button and it’ll appear and pair automatically. Immediately your phone name shows up as well as your brand new Beat X.

Based on my investigation and research, Apple states that it will enhance the distance of the connection plus the signal itself.

Beats X Design

  • Beats X are snug, cute little things that came in different colors, like black, blue, red, purple gray and pink (for the ladies).
  • There’s a soft looping wire that is wrapped around the back of your neck and a remote(small in line) for skipping tracks, changing volumes, firing up Siri and of course skipping tracks.
  • The wire is flexible and flat, resting nicely on your neck. It’s skin friendly and light to the extent you can freely wear it all day, and you won’t even remember it was there.
  • The Beat X is the best headphone from Beat. So what are you waiting for?  Get yours right now, it’s a perfect Gift for music lovers, like my sisters, brother, and my mom. Lol… Here’s to the new Beat X.

Among these awesome and high-quality earphones, you are still the one to decide whether you choose any or all, it still depends on you. You don’t need to worry about it since it is certified and qualified as the best headphones and is safe and secure to use.

But then again, everything is in your hands. If you overuse it, you can never blame the manufacturer or distributor. It depends on how you use it. Its durability will depend on how you will take care of this product and you didn’t abuse to using these devices. All in all, all products are very helpful and it can surely provide the necessary high quality of sound that you need in every headphones and earphone.

How do Wireless Headphones Work?

Wireless technology tends to make life easier where ever it is implemented, whether it be wireless internet, wireless keyboards, and mice, and now even wireless headphones. This is new and exciting technology, and in order to make the best consumer choice when picking out your own set of wireless headphones, you should know the basics of how this technology works.

The Base Unit of Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones work via communication with a base unit that is connected to the audio source, such as your favorite MP3 player, laptop, or desktop PC. This is important because the headphones must have a physical connection with the audio device. The base unit transmits the audio to the headphones over a predetermined frequency in the form of electronic impulses.

Most wireless headphones operate on FM frequencies, because of this they must operate under a very narrow band of frequencies, otherwise, you could be dealing with a lot of unwanted interference. Generally speaking, most wireless headphones will have some sort of antenna, usually attached to the base unit, which facilitates the wireless transmissions.

The headphones themselves, as you would imagine, play back the sound transmitted from the audio device via the base unit. This works by converting the electronic pulses into audible sound waves. The exact science behind this conversion is actually quite complex, and not very important to understanding the basic functions. During this process, the wireless headphones will typically filter out static and most of the other interference that may have been picked up in the transmission process.


In conclusion, make sure you pick out a pair of wireless headphones that are right for you. Make sure they are comfortable, that the sounds are crisp and clear, and that you can pick up a good signal from whatever device you are listening too.

Most stores and online retailers have a 15 to 30-day return policy. So make sure you use them in that time. If you don’t like the pair you got to return them and try out another brand. I am sure you will find a set of headphones that are right for you.

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