10 Best and Most Comfortable Mens Walking Shoes for Travel: Review & Buyers Guide

Best and Most Comfortable Mens Walking ShoesMen, while going out for a walk, make the mistake of not wearing the best walking and comfortable shoes. As a result, they become a victim of posture and joint health problems. However, with the right pair of walking shoes, you can maintain the right walking technique and, in turn, prevent injury.

Often, people use the same shoes for walking as well as running. However, shoes for both are designed quite differently. So, while a pair of shoe might be great for running, it might give you sores and blisters while walking.

So, if your typical day involves you walking extensively, it is best to invest in the best walking shoes. Not sure of which walking shoes are the right pick? Check out these top 10 men walking shoes.

1. Merrell Men’s All-Out Blaze 2

Merrell Men’s All-Out Blaze 2If your work involves walking or rigged terrain, then these are an ideal pair since rigged terrain adds excess pressure on shoes which doesn’t happen with while walking. This can eventually lead to you sustaining injuries or rolling your ankles.

The Merrell Men walking shoes are reinforced in the right spots which make both injuries as well as wear-and-tear less likely to happen. With a pair that is true to its size, these shoes make a worthy addition to any men’s shoe collection.

These shoes are made of a leather/mesh hybrid material which gives the firmness of leather shoes but without the weight. The shoes are waterproof so that your feet stay dry and snug regardless of the terrain on which you use the shoes. Furthermore, the shoes have a mesh lining which ensures breathability, and they also feature EVA removable midsoles and insoles.

The shoes also have a high-quality composition and durable build so that they can be used for unpaved walking trails as well. Overall, the shoes are highly sturdy and extremely comfortable as well.


  • Since they ensure extreme comfort, you can wear them throughout the day regardless of the kinds of activities you engage in.
  • The shoes feature excellent cushioning that can absorb shock quite well
  • These shoes have commendable sturdiness which makes walking hardly painful
  • The shoes have a rubber sole which provides commendable tractions and helps in preventing skidding and slipping while walking
  • The insoles are easily removed so you can maintain the cleanliness of the shoes quite easily and effortlessly


  • Since the shoes are slightly narrow, it is not suitable for people with wide feet
  • If you’re not planning to use the shoes for hiking or walking on rugged terrain, then lightweight shoes would be a more suitable option.

2. New Balance MX608V4

New Balance ShoesNew Balance has quite a well-known name in the footwear industry and is most famous for crafting exceptional athletic footwear. However, many people are unaware of the fact that the company makes outstanding walking shoes for men like the MX608V4.

At the very heart of these walking shoes, the patented design of New Balance’s running shoes shines through. To understand how the shoes feel, think of them as a mixture of wingtips and the shoes you wear to the gym.

In addition, they are quite comfortable and provide commendable support. The shoes also feature a dual density collar along with a high-grade leather to ensure good support and cushioning.


  • The injection-molded EVA foam midsole fitted in the shoe is supportive and comfortable
  • Available at an attractive price
  • The redesigned collar padding feels less bulky than previous shoes by the company
  • Non-marking outsole offers excellent grip so that you don’t slip on the wet sidewalks


  • Since they are not waterproof, you can’t use them during the rainy season
  • The design is hardly any different than the New Balance running shoes

3. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV

Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV ShoesSince these walking shoes are designed to cater to a wide range of athletic needs, they have almost the same design as the popular running shoes of the company. According to Nike men walking shoe reviews, the design of these Nike shoes is outdated, when it comes to the appearance. However, this doesn’t necessarily make these shoes a bad pair.

The truth is, the Monarch IV is the company’s best walking shoe designed to date. The shoes feature rubber soles along with a robust body made out of leather and synthetic materials. As a result, the shoes are both comfortable and dependable.

Moreover, the shoes offer commendable support to the user’s feet while walking. It is also highly durable and offers good comfort.


  • The pylon midsole along with the whole shoe provides excellent support
  • Outsole has various traction patterns so you will have good control over different surfaces
  • Features skin-friendly lining which reduces irritation if used over a longer time period
  • Has a sleeker design as compared to previous versions of the Air Monarch


  • The sole can be quite stiff
  • Not really available at an affordable price

4. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk Walking Shoe

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk Walking ShoeThese Skechers are not only extremely comfortable but also easy to wear as well. Since the shoes don’t have any lace closure, it hardly takes time to wear these shoes.

Skechers Go Walk walking shoes are fitted with a textile mesh outer that maximizes its breathability. Furthermore, it is fairly lightweight so making natural steps feels quite comfortable. Other features of the shoes include a yoga mat, a 2-piece midsole, and a rubber sole. All these features work together to create sufficient resistant for walking on the street.

The commendable comfort of these shoes comes from not only the yoga mat but also the memory foam cushioned heel. The shoes are available in nine colors as well as in a variety of width options. These shoes also provide excellent tractions because the heel and the rubber soles just measure approximately 1.5 inches.

While there are excellent qualities of these shoes, their lightweight design does put them at a disadvantage. Using these shoes continuously wears them down fairly quickly which means that you’ll have to buy new pairs just after a short time.


  • The build quality of the shoes makes them highly comfortable
  • Since they are lightweight, these shoes are ideal for various physical activities
  • The memory foam cushioning in the heel makes the shoes increasingly comfortable with each wear.
  • You can wear these shoes either with socks or without them because of the shoes’ design
  • No laces involved so wearing the shoes or taking them off is easy.


  • The size might be a little problematic as the shoes are not true to their size
  • For some people, the shoes run a bit wide
  • Not really durable, particularly if they are used excessively
  • Since there are no laces, the shoes might not be secure enough to walk on unpaved areas

5. Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic

Rockport Men's World Tour ClassicThese Rockport walking shoes are made entirely of top-quality leather which makes the shoes flexible, durable, and easy to clean. The leather upper in the shoes is a little distressed which makes the shoe flexible as well. In addition, the advanced walking platform makes the shoes comfortable for long hours of walking too.

The walking platform also conforms to your feet’s shape and provides support for pain-free arches. It also features a good amount of impact absorption and cushioning for a comfortable fit. Similarly, the padded tongue and collar also ensure additional comfort.

The solid rubber outsole also helps to give the shoes good traction for excellent safety and speed.


  • Provides excellent bottom-up support
  • Features non-slip outsole and padded tongue and collar
  • Made out of superior quality leather which is easy to clean
  • Offers lots of cushioning


  • A little on the expensive side
  • The breathability is not too good

6. Adidas NEO Men’s Cloudfoam

Adidas NEO Men's Cloudfoam ShoesThese Adidas shoes come with a super gripping outsole which provides excellent traction. They also offer an excellent amount of support and comfort regardless of how long you use these for. In addition, the cloudfoam sock liner offers lightweight cushioning from all the angles.

The midsole, moreover, is also made of cloudfoam so that users enjoy excellent cushioning with each step. As a result of all these features, the shoes absorb most of the impact that is otherwise transferred to your feet.

Furthermore, both the cloudfoam midsole and sock liner help support the arches as well which helps to reinforce the feet’s natural shape and keeps them pain-free throughout the day.


  • Well ventilated
  • Features an excellent non-slip outsole
  • Good cushioning provides good support
  • A durable pair of shoes
  • Excellent impact absorption


  • Slightly rigid

7. Asic’s Men’s Gel-Tech Neo 4

Adidas NEO Men’s CloudfoamThe Asic’s walking shoes are an ideal combination of sturdiness and lightweight design. These shoes are made using synthetic material and feature a rubber sole which ensures good traction. Asic’s Men Gel-Tech shoes are available in two different colors and various sizes.

On the top, the shoes have a breathable mesh while the design is such that it allows good airflow while you walk. Moreover, the padded collar and tongue within the shoe help to enhance comfort. The shoes are also quite lightweight and moving around with these is easy which is why these are ideal for cross training.

Note that these shoes are more lightweight than other shoes of similar build and function.


  • Remarkably lightweight, which makes them easy on the feet
  • Rubber sole provides excellent traction
  • Offers adequate support thus eliminating the risk of injuries
  • Features removable insoles which are easy to clean


  • Not suitable for men with wide feet
  • Insole padding might not support all types of foot arches

8. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker

Brooks Men's Addiction WalkerThese men walking shoes feature the HydroFlow Technology which involves dynamic gooey fluids in the forefoot and heels. Due to this special technology, the shoes offer incredible cushioning and are able to absorb shocks very well.

Moreover, the shoes have a full-length Mo-Go midsole which offers additional impact absorption and cushioning. The energy-efficient S-257 Cushsole also adds to this. The shoes also feature a progressive diagonal rollbar. Essentially, this is a robust dual-density post which supports the foot’s medial arch. As a result, it keeps the arches elevated for a comfortable walk.

The shoes also feature an engineered MC Pod configuration that allows the shoes to set up the foot in a balanced position. Thus, you get to enjoy excellent balance, motion control, and flexibility.


  • Provides excellent arch support
  • Made of the durable leather build which is easy to clean
  • Offers good impact absorption and traction
  • Most suitable for overpronation and flat feet


  • Not really available at an affordable price
  • Slightly firm in the beginning

9. Skechers Sport Men’s Energy Afterburn Shoes

Skechers Sport Men’s Energy Afterburn ShoesJust like most shoes from the company, these SkechersAfterburn shoes are also quite eye-catching. At the same time, it provides the maximum comfort to users. Additionally, they feature supportive soles which make them ideal for long walks.

These shoes are made using high-quality leather, and synthetic materials allow the shoes to withstand excessive use. In fact, they might just last you for years as well! Another noteworthy feature of these shoes is the rubber sole which ensures that the user’s feet don’t get hurt despite standing or walking for long hours.


  • Has a stylish and attractive design
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Offers exceptional comfort
  • Provides commendable support


  • The sole lacks cushioning
  • They are slightly heavy

10. Rockport Men’s We are RockinChranson

Rockport Men's We are RockinChransonThese shoes are primarily designed to offer users the maximum comfort, and while they might not have a really attractive design, these shoes are surely quite comfortable. In fact, these shoes make walking almost effortless so that you can walk without any pain.

These shoes are ideal for those who love to discover new trails or go around the city for a walk. Despite being available at a highly affordable price, the shoes must be lauded for their durability. Almost all the parts of these Rockport shoes are made using genuine leather which is the key reason for their durability.

Meanwhile, the sole is made out of rubber and foam which offers users the cushioning necessary for walking on hard surfaces.


  • Made of genuine leather thus ensuring ease of cleaning and durability
  • Soft rubber and foam sole ensures comfort
  • Very affordable


  • The shoe tends to pull away from the rubber sole after short use
  • The heel is easily collapsible

Best Men’s Walking Shoes Buying Guide

Remember that you can save yourself from painful feet with an excellent pair of walking shoes. Moreover, buying walking shoes is a big investment so you must keep the following considerations in mind before making a purchase.

Material: A majority of walking shoes is made out of leather and no doubt, this is an excellent material to opt for. The leather is categorized as one of the most durable materials available when it comes to shoes, and it is also quite easy to clean.

However, there’s one problem with leather. Leather makes the shoe a little heavier as well as less breathable as compared to other materials.

Breathability and weight: You must also consider how well-ventilated and how heavy the shoes are. While we did state that leather makes the shoes less breathable, there are still ways to ensure they’re breathable enough. You can ensure that the shoes you choose have a mesh upper or perforations to make them breathable. This way, your feet will stay cool as well as sweat-free even if you wear the shoes for long.

Support: It goes without saying that walking shoes should provide sufficient support, particularly to the heels and arches. This stands especially true for those diagnosed with foot-related conditions like over-pronation, flat feet, and plantar fasciitis. Regardless of the brand or model you go for, your shoe must feature an ergonomically designed insole which easily conforms to your feet’s shape and helps you keep the arches slightly elevated.

In addition, a heel stabilization feature, as well as a good heel cup, is also quite essential. Overall, the walking shoes you opt for must reinforce your feet’s shape and also support it from the bottom up. Note that if your walking shoes lack good support, then your feet will start painting in just a few hours!

Cushioning: Generally, you need to buy shoes with good cushioning. The ideal pair of walking shoe will have commendable cushioning from the shoe’s front all the way to the back with more importance given to the middle part.

Since you’ll most likely be on your feet throughout the day, walking on a hard surface will transfer that impact to your feet. As a result, you could experience overwhelming pain that will get in the way of your daily chores. On the other hand, good running shows will be cushioned enough to provide a soft surface for walking that absorbs the impact of the steps thus preventing pain.

Similarly, many complain that the collars and tongues of their shoes dig into the feet and ankle which ultimately results in blisters and cuts. Thus, it is best to go for walking shoes with a padded collar and tongue.

Traction: Another important factor to take into consideration is the traction. Some people require walking shoes for working in a restaurant or a factory and in both the places, the floor is quite slippery. In fact, even a freshly mopped floor puts you at risk of slipping and falling so, buying walking shoes that come with a good outsole that provides excellent traction is a plus.

Note that excellent traction and a god outsole makes all the difference between just a slip and slipping and falling.

Final Verdict

So there you have the ten best men walking shoe reviews. Each pair of shoes listed has its own pros and cons, so it all comes down to the features that matter the most you to. Similarly, you also have to decide which design catches your eye the best.

Remember, walking shoes are essential if you are bound to be on your feet throughout your day. Otherwise, you’ll end up with badly bruised feet so choose wisely!